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Dr Rae Gates, the compiler in chief of entrances2hell, loves to hear your thoughts and opinions and is keen to answer any questions. Send him an email

Where is my local entrance?
My office has recently transferred to Crawley, do you know of any gateways in this area?
David Brumley
We have not yet recorded any entrances in Crawley although we expect to be in your area very soon.

Coffee Mug Lover
I love your site! Thank you. I am going to buy your coffee mug.
Catherine Conrad
Sorry Catherine. The entrances2hell Coffee Mug, with its large built-in handle, has been sadly discontinued.

President Slipknot?
Looking over your site, I came across a mention of the US's President Slipknot. More info please, I haven't been able to find any anywhere.
Mark James Schryver
As you have pointed out many sources simply do not record that there ever was a President Slipknot and most academics opposed to his inclusion in history will cite the following two indisputable facts: A: President Slipknot was a microbe not a human. B: He was only in office for 9 milliseconds. There is however an ongoing campaign to have his accomplishments honoured appropriately.

Possible entrance
We have discovered an entrance to Hell in the little town of Lewes. Famous for its witchcraft and pencils it is not suprising that a gateway to Hades exists there. You will find the stinky portal behind Tesco, near the bins.
Chris Thrower
Thank you for your sighting. Keep 'em coming entrance-hunters.

Where's Consell?
Hi, My parents live in Oswestry, Shropshire... Well, so do I, but I'm living in Bath as a student... Where's that picture of the entrance called Consell taken from? It looks like it's near the Wynstay Hotel or something.
All our entrance pages give the option to view a map of the location and in the case of Consell you will be able to see that this entrance is located around the corner from the High Street opposite Burger King.

Hello. I really enjoyed your site, I've made it as far as "Clipometer" and will probably keep on unless I get too sick. Excellent site!
Bob Drake
Cheers, Bob. It's great to know you like what we do. Get well soon.

The Question is...
Could you explain to me exactly what you mean by "Entrances to Hell"? I think I know, but am unsure. Could you clarify it for me? Thank you.
Our experts in Europe and doctors in America define an entrance into hell as any access to and from the underworld, found anywhere on the surface of the earth, which is or has been regularly used by Beelzebub and his armies during the last 97 centuries or so.

Friends across the pond
I just stumbled upon the site, and I must say that it is one of the most brilliant uses of web space I've ever seen. Any thoughts on doing a side-project: American Entrances to Hell?
Rob McAllister
Thanks Rob. We're a bit busy but maybe one day we'll get around to doing what we can to help you guys over there.

I'm curious
Can you please explain your website? I understand the hell thing but are these toxic waste storage things or what? Thanx.
Steve Martinez
A small number of the more modern entrances do have a facility for dealing with hazardous waste materials although we are unable to release statistics for security reasons.

entrances2hell wins award
Your site has been chosen as the Illuminated Site of the Week. This award recognizes those websites that, in one way or the other, illuminate the Big Picture and that show What Is Really Happening in our newly ordered world.
Andy Vetromile, Illuminated
Well, I really don't know what to say except thanks very much Andy. We owe everything to our many thousands of readers and entrance-hunters without whom the whole site would be utterly pointless.

Sighting in East Anglia
The back of the village hall in Buxton, Norfolk has a small green door which could be an entrance.
Chris Atkins
Thanks for the info, Chris. A true entrance-seeker never rests!

Strange phenomena
Are you seriously telling me that these little doors with graffiti all over them and some holes in trees are "Entrances to Hell"? If somebody actually sent these pictures don't you think they just took a random photo of a door and told you it was an "entrance"? Also, when I was looking at "Dawson" I noticed at first that the picture was of a little puppet a ventriloquist would use. Then it turned into another entrance. What was that about? And where do you get all this weird sounding information?
Benjamin Feld
We have suspected for some time now that our servers may be haunted by trapped spirits, which could explain the unusual occurrence you witnessed. You can usually chase any ghosts away by clicking at them with your old-fashioned mouse but please do report anything mysterious.

Map trouble
Hey! Cool website, but a couple of queries about the Chatteris entrance; Lager Lout Avenue? Dusty Road? Your map is wrong. These places don't exist and there are certainly no Trumpet Makers that I know of. It would be much appreciated if you could sort out a better map.
Stevo Freer
Sorry Stevo. We try hard to keep our maps accurate but from time to time mistakes will occur.

Entrance in Guildford
I believe I have found two entrances to Hell on the A281 in Guildford, opposite the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, set into a brick wall above a grassy bank. I can try and send you a photo if you wish.
Simon Peel
Great news. We'd love to take a look.

Personal question
Could I harness the power of an entrance to hell in order to fuel a machine which will make women desire me?
Ruairi Murphy
Sorry Ruairi, I really have to tell you that I think your plan is destined to fail.

Language please!
You have got to be kidding me. This site is the biggest piece of s*** I have ever seen. You honestly believe that these are really Entrance Of Hell? HAHAHA. They are only doors with grafiti and alley ways. You all need to get a life.
Rock Rebel 5000
Rock Rebel, we really must ask you to curb your language as our service providers will not tolerate rude and/or naughty words.

Capitol question
Lovely website. I believe I've seen several entrances in my own country (the US) in and around Washington, D.C.
Richard Storey
We feel sure that you have, Richard. It's a great shame that our funding is not sufficient to cover more than the UK.

Negative criticism
You people are freakin nuts. Grow up, get a real job.
J M Willhite
In our defence, we here at entrances2hell struggle with a never ending task and you should know that we pride ourselves on our professionalism.

US submissions
Is there a site where I can submit entrances I have found in the US? In Houston, there's a huge Victorian storm sewer that empties into Buffalo Bayou.
Eric Boyd
Thanks for your interest Eric, but I fear that no such site exists. We hope to tackle that great task one day.

Historical confusion
I live in Chatteris and I have never heard of the street names you have mentioned on the map of Kepireb 0 Korko. Are these old street names?
Exactly right Ailsa. Some of our entrances have been there as long as 97 centuries so it's no surprise that a few changes might have occurred in the locality.

What about Jersey?
I think you really should be investigating the Isle of Jersey, in the English Channel. I have some knowledge of local myth and legend and am happy to advise you in any way.
Chris Harrison
Thanks for the offer and we'd love to help, Chris, but I'm afraid we're only able to cover the UK.

Big Fan
Brilliant site!
Paul Potter
You make us blush Paul. Thanks for your support.

Entrance cloning
'Clipometer' isn't in Liverpool. It's in Penge, South London. Unless it moves around....
Andy Tribble
What you have seen in Penge is actually a mirage in the image of Clipometer. (Satan will occasionally use mirror images to disguise an entrances real location). Please DO NOT touch the illusion in Penge under any circumstance as a mirage of this quality can melt your arm off.

What is it?
Is it a joke website or what???? Why are these places entrances to Hell??? Is it all true???.
Artur Goldyn
Entrances into Hell are said to be all around us. If you see anything suspicious then I hope you will let us know.

Thanks from the USA
Thank you for your very necessary and valuable site. Since discovering it, I have been directing friends and loved ones to it's resources. We need someone here in the states with the dedication to provide us a similar service.... I was just thinking u should publish a coffee table book showing all the entrances. I'd buy one.
Patrick Brogan
Thanks for your kind thoughts, Patrick. I'm afraid we have quite enough on our plate dealing with all the entrances here in the UK, but who knows? Maybe one day we'll get around to cataloguing the States.

Is it an entrance?
Location: Glasgow, on south side of a disused railway trackbed between Anniesland and Maryhill, between Temple Road and Forth & Clyde canal. Grid ref: NS585672. It is dark, damp, smells foul and a mysterious throbbing noise emanates from inside.
Thanks, Milkman. Keep 'em peeled, entrance-spotters!

I can not believe this
You people are nuts, prove it because I don't see anything but a damn door!
We welcome all thoughts and comments, but please entrance-enthusiasts, watch that strong language.

Erratum 1
Since when was Bristol in Gloucestershire?
Erratum 2
Since when does Avon exist? Avon ceased to exist in 1996, nearly 9 years ago and Bristol is actually located in "City and County of Bristol". Cheers.
Our geography experts have confirmed that Bristol is now located in City and County of Bristol (see Crizzle) and we would like to thank you for pointing out our errors. These mistakes occurred because we were using an out of date reference sourced from the internet. One could be forgiven for imagining that some websites just make their information up.

An entrance in Leicestershire?
There is a small crack in the pavement outside Ottakars bookshop in Market Harborough (which is on the A6, 17 miles outside Leicester, in a southerly direction). The crack in the pavement is directly opposite a jewellers shop where they said they couldn't repair my watch.
Rob Cameron
Could well be an entrance, Rob. If you're thinking of taking a pic then make sure you check out our Safety Rules.

Way out west
Greetings. I was wondering if you have heard of entrances to hell that are located in the United States? Thank you.
Creighton Barrett
We receive many emails reporting just that. Unfortunately we can only list entrances within the UK.

What's going down?
Are you serious about those supposed gates to Hell? They seem more like grafitti-stricken places to me. Also the names seem a little made up - I mean Slipknot, Braaashteee- funorvallishhtuuu and Oh??? At least you could have come up with better names.
Mark Meriwether
We're just an info site, Mark. The entrances were named up to 97 centuries ago by entities unknown.

Letter from America
Hi, is it possible that similar entrances to Hell exist here in Detroit, Michigan. How can I recognize them? If I find any, what do I do about it?
Bill Hazel
They certainly exist but you should know that authenticating entrances is a difficult skill to master and is best left to experts. As to what to do, sadly we have no counterpart as yet in the US but our Safety Tips still apply.

Entrance lectures
I just got onto your site today after hearing about it on the Danny Baker show. Excellent idea and very useful. Have you any more live presentations planned? Cheers.
Tom McGuire
I very much enjoy giving my talk; 'A visual tour of the various entrances to Hell in and around the UK' and have a few dates in the pipeline.

Empathetic observation
You really are quite sad
aren't you?
Olly Tizzard
Olly, I do get sad sometimes when I realise there are so many entrances and so little time. But then I remember the great work we've done so far and also I draw strength from the legions of well wishers, such as yourself, who send me their encouraging emails. With your help I know we can make it.

Please don't misunderstand me, I think its a fine website you've got here. But what kind of entrances to hell are we talking about? Also a good feature for your website would be a FAQ page.
Bryan White
We seek all entrances located in the UK. Thanks for your suggestion.

Info from down under
Hi, I've found a couple of entrances to hell in Sydney, Australia. They're all in Sussex Street. Can you use them?
Sorry, I'm afraid we're not an international site, but good to hear from you.

Geographical confusion
There is no Oak Tree Avenue in Swadlincote. And where is the football ground? I lived there for 20 years and never noticed it.
Richard Hines
Thanks for letting us know, Richard. Our map-making department is currently undergoing a re-shuffle and we hope to see some improvements soon.

Superhero with a query
Are there any entrances to Hell that have been recorded in the US?
Plasmo Man
What an honour it is to hear from you, Sir. We have no plans to cover the US as yet.

Are we on our own?
Hi, I'm just curious. Is your site a joke or are you serious? I find the info about Asananc quite interesting but why can't I find any other info about entrances to hell on the web? Yours is the only site.
Mike Barker
We do feel a bit like we're facing this alone sometimes, but it's good to know we've got you entrance-lovers out there behind us.

Home of the brave
Any known entrances in the Good Old USA? Would love to know.
Kevin Leary
It is believed that there are many, however our site can only deal with those entrances here in the UK.

Ex-nursing home entrance
My friends and I think we have found an entrance to hell in my mates' flat in Southampton which used to be a nursing home. My favourite dog is a Labrador.
We couldn't provide the service we do without your gratefully received messages, so thanks to everyone.

I doubt you
How do we know if all these entrances are real or not? I mean, come on buddy, all this stuff mite b phony! And wats up wit all the graffiti? And the so-called "entrances2hell" have sounds now? I mean cummon, I have a lil piano that can do all those sound fx! PS Why isn't there any hell holes in the US?
Kat Ruiz
We're always pleased to hear your feedback. Keep on sending your emails.

Entrances overseas
Ever thought about expanding to include entrances in other countries? I think I've seen some whoppers here in the US!
Michael Johnson
We certainly have thought about it Michael, but time and finance are just not on our side.

Praise from America
I am more than fascinated by the subject of your site but I'm not sure if I am understanding it correctly. Are there really entrances to Hell in the literal sense? If so, this is one of the most interesting websites I've seen in a long time.
Babs, Pittsburgh PA
Good to hear from you Babs. I certainly agree that the hunting of entrances is an enormously fascinating subject.

Scientists from America and experts in Europe authenticate your sightings

Location: Earith, Huntingdonshire
Submitted by: Robyn Law
Hope you like it.
This certainly looks genuine.
AUTHENTICATION: To be confirmed

Location: Timperley, Cheshire
Submitted by: Barry Williams and Tim Jones
Keep seeking those portals, cheers.
Very promising, could be an actual entrance.
AUTHENTICATION: Expected shortly

Location: London
Submitted by: Toby
On my way to work, I was sweltering in heat when I spotted this.
Good find, seems real.
AUTHENTICATION: Delayed by postal dispute

Location: Middlesex
Submitted by: Victor
Greetings, I hope this helps.
Possible entrance, we'll let you know.

Location: Ware, Hertfordshire
Submitted by: Stewart Sear
I do hope you will treat this with the utmost urgency.
Has the look of a true entrance.
AUTHENTICATION: To be confirmed

Location: Not specified
Submitted by: Danielle Colls
Have a lovely day.
Definitely worth checking out.

Location: Scotland
Submitted by: Mark Kenyon
Keep up the good work.
Shows all the signs.
AUTHENTICATION: To be confirmed

Location: Coulsdon
Submitted by: Nonny Mouth
See attached.
Very likely to be real.
AUTHENTICATION: Not yet available

Location: Westerton, Glasgow
Submitted by: Andy Preece
Thought you might like a picture of what I think may be an entrance.
At first glance this seems genuine.

Location: Wales
Submitted by: John Faircloth
Is it real?
Hard to tell, but possibly so.
AUTHENTICATION: Not yet processed

Location: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Submitted by: Moira and/or Christopher
In the interest of public safety, won't you add it to your catalogue?
Could well be a very dangerous entrance.

Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire
Submitted by: Chris
Discovered this entrance the other day when out walking my dog.
Looks authentic.

Location: Thurlstone, South Yorkshire
Submitted by: VoxPop
Now blocked off, it used to have an old green door. What is behind the green door?
Very promising.

Location: Woodford, Essex
Submitted by: Pete Berrecloth
This image was taken by me in my local park.
This very much looks like it could be a genuine entrance.
AUTHENTICATION: To be confirmed

Location: Sefton Park, Liverpool
Submitted by: Gerard Hodge
This entrance is well known by the Council.
There's little doubt this will prove to be real.

Location: Autherley, Shropshire
Submitted by: Robin Layfield
Suspected entrance to Hell.
Well spotted Robin. Looks good.

Location: Top Secret
Submitted by: Chris Wright
Don't want troublemakers finding this.
Excellent example.
AUTHENTICATION: Transmission difficulties

Location: Bretton, Yorkshire
Submitted by: Paul J King
Discovered by my dog (Labrador).
Clearly dangerous.
AUTHENTICATION: Under discussion

Location: Aveley, Essex
Submitted by: John Nutt
I'd like verification.
Quite beautiful, Here's hopeful.
AUTHENTICATION: Not quite done

Location: Unstated
Submitted by: Steve Skepper
I have discovered this.
Got to be real.
AUTHENTICATION: Approaching decision

Location: Sheffield, Yorkshire
Submitted by: Nan Stainton
I hope the above is of some interest to you.
Very exciting.
AUTHENTICATION: In the pipeline

Location: Norwich, Norfolk
Submitted by: Lorcan McGrane
I pass this every day.
Can't help thinking this is a good one.
AUTHENTICATION: May be some time

Location: Harold Hill, Essex
Submitted by: Billy Trout
Photo attached.
It's looking good.

Location: Outside Tewkesbury
Submitted by: Dominic Keen
I have discovered an entrance in a field.
This can't fail to prove authentic.

Location: Cambridge
Submitted by: Roy Hammans
I photographed this years ago.
We're very excited by this one. A surefire hit.
AUTHENTICATION: Temporarily missing

Location: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Submitted by: James Swanbury
Please keep up the fight.
Clearly very, very, very dangerous
AUTHENTICATION: In the bag of a postman named Kevin

Location: Crystal Palace, London
Submitted by: Lizzie
I would like to enter this.
Please never go inside an entrance to hell
AUTHENTICATION: Mislaid by delivery person

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